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Here I will review the latest Newcastle United products that have I have come accross so you have an idea of how good it is before you buy it.
United Front Season Special
This is a magazine produced by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle to celebrate Newcastle's 2002-03 season. The 72 page special souvenier includes a A3 sized page on all of Newcastle's games from last season, with analysis from Alan Oliver on each game and all the statistics. It also includes an interview with Alan Shearer, a round-up of the Champions League campaign and reviews on every player, and a preview of next season. Most of the pages are in colour, however there are some that are balck and whie, but there are loads of pictures and the writing is superbly written (except for some of the spelling mistakes!). And what is even better is the price, you get all this for only 50p if you can pick it up in a shop in Newcastle, or if you like me are nowhere near Newcastle, you can get it delivered to your door for only 1.06, just contact the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, click here for their website.
Jonny's Rating: 8/10
New Newcastle home shirt

New Home shirt 2003-05
The new home shirt features a new sponcer in the shape of Northern Rock, but you still get the same adidas quality that has been a feature of United shirts since 1995. The new shirt is 100% polyester, and has the now customary breathable patches on the sides, but the new shirt has them in the black stripes of the shirt, so it keeps you even cooler. It is a well known fact that Newcastle United's supporters would buy and wear the new shirt, regardless of what it looked like, but luckily the new shirt also looks cool, the club badge has grown is size from the previous versions, and it also features a fold-down collar. Also new for this year is the fact that if you want lettering on the back, it it blue so stands out better than before. All in all, Newcastle have done it again by producing a great looking shirt, and it is also guarenteed to be worn for two seasons, so snap it up now so you have the latest shirt for as long as possible.
Jonny's Rating: 9/10

The Mag

The Mag
The Mag is Newcastle's longest running fanzine and has been running for fourteen years now. It's not hard to see why when you read it, it is very entertaining from cover to cover, with match reports, interviews with players, a letters page, and funny stories connected to the Toon written by Toon fans. Its is all very well put together, and is out every fortnight to co-incide with home games. The Mag is in all good newsagents (and some bad ones) in Newcastle for the reasonable price of 2, and you can also pick it up from one of the many seller saround St James' on a matchday. If you can't get to Tyneside though, you can take out a subscription for 25 for 10 issues. Also, you can try before you buy, The Mag will send you a free copy of a recent edition of the magazine before you subscribe, contact the editor by clicking here. All in all, it's a very good magazine, probably the best Toon magazine since Black and White was stopped and replaced by the rubbish members only version, scene @ st james'.
Jonny's Rating: 7/10

The Toon

The Toon
The Toon is a book written by Roger Hutchinson and tels the story of Newcastle's history since they were formed in 1892. The is very well written, and is brimming with information from all 240 pages. It starts when the club is formed, and takes the reader through a topsy-turvy history of the club, from the succesfull spell in the 1900s, our last League title in 1927, The attacking sides that featured Hughie Gallacher in the 1930's, Milburn and Robledo leading the way in the 50s, our European adventure in '69, Supermac in the 70s, Keegan in the 80s, and the rivival of the club to where they are today, it's all in this book. The book has been heavily researched, and it tells the story about the players not just when they were playing for Toon, but when they moved away, or after they retired. The legends such as Gallacher, Milburn, Macdonald and Keegan are talked about in great detauil, but also the not so well known playrs are featured. It s avaible in hardback and apaperback, and is avalible on It is a great read and I recommend it to any United fan who wants to know more about the club' past.
Jonny's Rating: 7/10