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Here are all the other best Newcastle and other football related sites in the world. If you think your site could be included, send me an email by clicking here.

General NUFC sites

Official Newcastle Site: Pretty good site and because it's the official site, it's got eveything you want to know about the club, the players and up to date news.
Top 100 Newcastle Sites: Just a listing of the 100 best Newcastle sites, nothing fancy but if you want the ultimate search engine for NUFC sites, this is where you should head to.
Toonweb: Very good site with all the usual stuff, but also has the South Park Geordie characters, wallpapes to download, competitions and quizzes, top drawer site. The beast of all Newcastle sites (except this one, of course!) with absolutly everything you'd ever want to know about Newcastle. Well worth visiting.
Soccerpages Newcastle Forum: If you want talk about Newcastle, this is where you hould go. Join in with discussions from all over the world about the Toon here.
Sky Sports Newcastle Page: If you just want the latest Newcastle United news and season statistics, look no further.
Talk of the Tyne: Very well put together site made in association with, with all the latest gossip, views, information and stuff to buy related to Newcastle United.
News Now- Newcastle United: Up to the minute news on Newcastle United, updated every five minutes.
Newcastle Mad: Tidy site with lot's of stuff to do, up to date and updated regually, very smart.
TyneTalk: Updated regually, good effort, worth visting.
Mark's Newcastle United Unofficial Site: Includes chants, jokes and info on the club.
Happy Axeman's NUFC site: Pretty good site with interactive forum and info on the team.
Wor NUFC: New site that is under construction, keeping checking back to see it develop.
Toon Army Forever: Not a bad little Newcastle site, just not updated regually, but loads of links to other Geordie Nation sites.

Official player sites

Shay Given Official Site: The official site of Newcastle's keeper, with interviews and up to the minute news on the man himself. 
Nikos Dabizas Official Site: The Greek centre back's effort with a website, a tidy effort with polls and interviews with Dabizas.
Laurent Robert Official Site: Looks great, but it helps if you can speak French because that's all it's in!
Lomana LuaLua Official Site: The gymnast-turned-striker's own website is full of info about himself and you can even buy items of his kit!
Nol Solano Official Site: Includes history about the Peruvian winger and all the latest news about him, made with
Robbie Elliott Official Site: Like Solano, Robbie's site is made with the same company, so it includes all the same stuff as it.
Jamie McClen Official Site: Made by the same guys as Solano and Elliott, this includes info on the Geordie midfielder.

General football sites

FA Premier League Official Site: The league's official site includes info on every team and player in the Barclaycard Premiership, and also contains a cool quiz and game section. Very well made.
UEFA Champions League Official Site: With United in the competition next season, this is your one-stop to check out our rivals for the European Cup.
Teamtalk: A very good site with loads of news on every team in Britain, and loads of juicy transfer gossip included, also contains interactive polls and games, well worth a look.
BBC Football: If your looking for all the latest football news, the Beeb's site contains all that you need to know.
ITV Football: With loads of footy on ITV these days, their site has to be good, and it is. Loads of info on the Premiership and Champions League included.
Football Heroes: If you need to look up a player that you've never heard of from the 1950s to the present day, go here and you'll find everything you need to know about them.
4 The Game: The Barclaycard equivalent of the Premiership's site, with loads of info on our challengers for the league and loads of competitions and games.
Tell Us the Score: An internet football tote, try your luck at predicting the score of games and win cash!
4Football: A decent site which has loads of links to footy sites around the globe, and bits on other things football, well worth a look.
Supporter Sites: A football only search engine, very nice to look at and find out about any club from around the globe.
Gee's Football Links: A pretty basic site but does exactly want you want from it, loads of footy links.
Soccer Addicts: A pretty cool looking site with news and links to all the top clubs in Europe and America.
Match A website that sells loads of retro footy shirts and well as signed memorabilia, worth a look.