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Alf McMichael conceded Toon's quickest own goal
  • When Newcastle were first formed, they let sheep on the pitch to cut the grass, and had to get changed in a local pub and a butcher shop.
  • Alf McMichael holds the record of the fastest Toon own goal conceded when he scored for West Bromich Albion after just 32 seconds.
  • When Toon legend Len Shackleton wrote his autobiography "The Clown Prince of Soccer" he included a chapter titled "What the average director knows about football". It was a blank page.
  • United's predecessors Newcastle East End once scored 19 goals against Point Pleasant in a local cup tie.
  • Former coach Alex Mutch spent almost 60 years at the club. He first arrived in the early 1920s, and retired in the mid-80s.
  • In a league game against Sheffield United in 1914, the Magpies started with only 8 players due to injuries.
  • After Wyn Davies retired from football, he opened a bakery in his home town of Bolton.
  • The player with the shortest surname in Newcastle's history is Rob Lee. Keith Kettlebrough holds the record for the longest, he played in 1966.
  • Only 3 players have played for Newcastle with their surname starting with Q, and they're all called Quinn. C Quinn played in Newcastles first ever season, Mick Quinn was a favourite in the late 80s to early 90s and Wayne Quinn currently plays for Toon.
  • Former Newcastle boss Jack Charlton and his brother Sir Bobby were all-time Toon top goalscorer Jackie Milburn's nephews.
  • Malcolm Macdonald scored Newcastle's quickest ever goal, it only took him 5 seconds to score against St Johnstone in a pre-season friendly.
  • Newcastle were the first team to take the FA Cup out of Britain for the first time when they took the cup to South Africa after their success in 1952.
  • Toon were the third club in the league to install floodlights when they did in 1951.
  • In Newcastle's record 13-0 win against Newport County in 1946, Charlie Wayman scored four goals and still missed a penalty.
  • Newcastle first used aircraft in November 1958 after an away trip to Birmingham.
  • In the Magpies successful 1924 FA Cup campaign, it took them four games and over 420 minutes of football to get past Derby County in the second round before they finally won 5-3, the other three ties all ended 2-2 draws.
  • In the early part of the 20th century, the Newcastle side were very superstitious. If they saw a wedding on the way to a game, they thought they would win, if they saw a funeral, they would lose. Some fans thought that if they avoided churches on the way to games, they would draw every week.
  • When Andrew Cunningham made his league debut for Newcastle in 1929, he was aged 38 years and two days old.
  • Newcastle's players threatened to strike just before the 1910 FA Cup final against Barnsley if striker Albert Shepherd didn't play, because of bribery allegations held against him. Shepherd did play, and scored two goals in the replay for Toon to win the cup.
  • Current stars Carl Cort and Titus Bramble's brothers also play for the same side. Leon and Testfye currently play for Southend United in the Third Division.